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Our Intention

We believe that bikes should be a precious piece in everyone’s memory, which carrying us so many beautiful moments. When we were children, we cheered and followed behind our parents go for an outing by bike. When we were teenagers, we cycled with our best playmates on a frolic trip. When we were youths, we rode on the banks of small rivers with our intimate lovers. We are such a group of people, who love this industry deeply. We devote all our beautiful feelings about bicycles to our electric bikes, and we do feel that we have a profound sense of responsibility for this industry. We hope that through our unremitting efforts, electric bikes can no longer be so unattainable, which can join each one’s life like regular bikes, bring laughter and happiness to us. We hope that our products will stand up to trials at affordable prices, known for its quality and classic design, and we hope our electric bikes are also worthy of everyone's memory.

Our Intention&Our Brand

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